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The visual identity is the visual interface of your company that distinguishes it from the rest of the companies, starting with the distinctive design of the company logo or the product logo and then coordinating everything related to them to match the logo in terms of colors, fonts, symbolism and display method, thus leaving a distinctive impression on the minds of customers and introducing them to everything. It is related to your company, and it is one of the most important factors for the success of promoting any company, institution or product. A visual identity can be applied to everything related to the company, resulting in an established visual presence for clients.

What does a visual identity include?

• Logo design, literatures, business cards’ even staff uniforms,

• Website interface and social media accounts,

• Mural posters, roll up, advertising flyer,

• Gifts and advertising models,

• Contracts, bonds, reports, seals and email signature.

What is the difference between a logo, visual identity and a brand?

Visual Identity differs from the company logo, as it includes all the visual elements of your brand, including the company logo that represents a part of it and other symbolic meanings that create a unique personality. It is not necessary for the logo to express the goals of the company, because it may be a symbol or a name or a simple expressive graphic made up of shortened letters. Therefore, the visual identity is a broader concept and a basic factor to help customers remember your brand, which is the core idea, including the goals and values ​​of the commercial enterprise as a whole, and also the image emerging when customers interact with the company through time course.

What are the criteria for visual identity?

  • • The visual identity must be capable of communicating the company’s mission and goals concerning its clients.

  • • It must express its professionalism and be a factor in building trust with clients.

  • • The design should be distinctive and easy to remember in the minds of clients.

  • • It must be able to develop and adapt with the time course and according to work developments.

Objectives of Visual Identity Visual identity aims to introduce customers to the company’s products and objectives, because it is an essential part of any strong marketing strategy. It gives a special face to the organization that the recipient can identify and distinguish by creating a state of uniqueness, especially between companies and institutions in the same field. The visual identity aims to achieving the desired growth of the business, promoting and strengthening your trade brand in the market for clients and customers.

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