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Motion graphics is an animated presentation of graphics that aims to centering and simplifying information, as the word Graphic means images and graphics, and the word Motion expresses the movement of these graphics, and it also adds sound effects, voiceover and also background music.

What does motion graphics include?

Motion graphics primarily include animated content, but its main component remains text, and thus it contains two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics, images, video clips, icons, graphics, logos and various other forms, usually consisting of simple and clear illustrations for the viewer, including lines and shapes in colors appropriate for the publisher’s visual identity.

Where is motion graphics used?

Motion graphics aims to communicating with the viewer, by adding depth to the story, with its attractive music and graphics that stimulate the viewer’s attention to deliver the message, it is used in advertisements, headlines in the front of films, as well as in videos that communicate and simplify information to the viewer, and it is also used in creating animated logos, advertising breaks and in satellite channels, it is used for many purposes, including marketing, commercial, educational and many other fields.

What is the importance of motion graphics?

  • • Motion graphics present and market products and services to the public in an attractive and interesting way.

  • • It is used in making videos that aim to effectively spreading awareness or motivating the viewer towards an issue.

  • • Motion graphics is a powerful tool in making videos that explain a complex concept, by drawing and simplifying the idea, allowing the viewer to see the idea in a different perspective, making it more entrenched in him.

  • • Tell a story or make a short film. You can create drawings that simulate a story by highlighting the different contexts that the animation can perform.

  • • Motion graphics is considered one of the most powerful promotional means for marketing services and products and convincing customers to acquire products, because the product video strongly influences the customer’s purchasing decision-making process.

Motion graphic industry steps:

  • • We are working to understand the idea that you want to get out through the motion graphics, by listening carefully and understanding the meaning that you want to convey, then we build a script / text for the story.

  • • We create the spirit of the story by drawing and adding movement professionally and smoothly to create a creative scene that tells all the details.

  • • We add voiceover to the video, and background music.

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