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It is a marketing strategy for a specific product or service via the Internet, as it works to promote and publicize the brand and goods and sell them through websites. Today, e-marketing is considered one of the most important things on which any business in the market is based, because it is difficult for any business to achieve success if it does not promote its products and services or its own brand, after directing customers to use the Internet in their simplest needs and questions about products and services, as well as online shopping.

What is the importance of e-marketing?

  • • Continuity of selling products or services at all times without stopping, which means reaching customers at leisure and work times and in all geographical areas.

  • • Low marketing cost, because selling through the Internet does not require the high cost that sales halls require, as these costs can be reduced by creating an online store that targets customers through marketing campaigns and advertisements.

  • • Ease of communication and interaction with customers, where the appropriate product is presented to each buyer in a customized manner, after studying the patterns of customer behavior, and this helps to identify the appropriate products for each group and thus give specialized services and increase the rate of purchase.

What are the goals of electronic marketing?

  • • Spreading the company’s brand: The first goal of e-marketing is to spread the brand, where the visual identity of your project is built and this helps to distinguish it from other brands, as it represents the main face of the company. The professional existence and promotion of the commercial brand helps building trust with customers and potential ones.

  • • The spread of your business in the global markets: by promoting the product or services and competing in the global and local markets.

  • • Increasing profits: one of the most important goals of any commercial enterprise is to follow a marketing plan that ensures increased profits through sales of the company’s products and services.

  • • Attracting customers and developing their relationship with the commercial company: E-marketing facilitates communication between the customer and the product owner, which contributes to developing the relationship between them.

  • • Attracting customers and developing their relationship with the commercial company: E-marketing facilitates communication between the customer and the product owner, which contributes to developing the relationship between them.

What are the types of e-marketing?

  • • SEO Marketing via search engines: The help of commercial search engines to reach your site is very important for developing website traffic, attracting customers and introducing them to the company’s services and products on the Internet, and where it is important to develop the site to get a good ranking in the search engine lists.

  • • Marketing through social media: The use of social media platforms and benefiting from them to improve communication with customers and to advertise services and products has become important for many commercial projects, in general, the advertisement has become focused on creating attractive content that stimulates interest and encourages customers to interact with it, and thus this process works to build a relationship with the customer and this produces the development of your website traffic.

  • • Sponsored ads and advertising campaigns: They are billboards on the target sites for ads to appear in one of two ways, either by Pay Per Impression, which means the number of times the ad appears and is calculated according to the appearance, or by paying by clicking on the ad Pay Per Click, which determines what happens after those clicks, for example, for the visitor to go to your site to complete browsing the promoted services and products, which is one of the most important ways that lead to achieving certain sales by targeting the customer segment and attracting them to the services or products that are primarily of their interest.

  • • Motion graphics advertising: It is a way to communicate with the viewer by giving depth to the story by adding music and visual effects aimed at conveying the advertising message, and it is considered one of the best means to influence and attract the attention of individuals.

  • • Content Marketing: Content marketing works by informing and educating your website visitors on the information related to the products and services that you offer and encouraging them to obtain them, thus, reaching the marketing goals, and this is by writing an article or content that urges that. It is a very useful strategy that facilitates the target audience to find your site by electronic search engines. Content marketing works to establish credibility for the company or institution publishing this by providing visitors with sufficient information about your brand, products and services, which contributes to the customer’s preference for your brand.

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